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Dubai A Place You Would Love To Be In

In northwestern UAE region, Dubai is spread within the golden sand from the Great UAE Desert- the only real desert safari Dubai from the sub-continent. This condition UAE is encircled through the pride mountain selection of Aravali which is among the earliest mountain range around the globe. Dubai may be the land of effective players & princes flaunts, its history through all of its miniature. The wealthiest of wealthy UAE culture, tradition & natural splendor blends to mesmerize the vacationers from all around the globe.

This condition UAE continues to be appropriately named Dubai because it literally means "The Land from the Nobleman". This condition UAE is wealthy ever, grand architectures, beautiful landscapes and windswept sand dunes. If you're on the Tour to Dubai, you receive an chance to witness the grandeur in history. Architecture & extremely beautiful castles at Dubai would likely steal your heart. Travel on the desert safari or perhaps a luxury train 'Palace on Wheels' & you'll seem like a King on the royal tour.


The primary attraction of Dubai which seduces the vacationers most is its naturally beautiful sights, geography, wealthy good reputation for royal glory & tradition. Other major attraction for nature enthusiasts & vacationers are Bharatpur, Ranthambhor, Sambhar salt lake & natural sights of Mount Abu. The majority of the population at Dubai is traditional and they're into constantly transferring their traditional values & wealthy cultural heritage from down the family. Height from the art & creativeness is visible here one of the people of Dubai. Vacationers all around the globe arrived at experience the good thing about this heavenly place on earth.

Readers are curious to understand & discover the tradition, art & culture of Dubai because this is the area addressing probably the most pride Gharana 'The Rajputs'. Within the forts and castles at Dubai, it's possible to go through the legends of individuals glorious Rajputs who have been great players. They resided & died for admiration, commitment, passion for the nation & self respect.

Monuments of Dubai for example Forts, Castles, Temples, Havelis etc. would be the prime attractions of the condition. They are actually an affidavit of the era that marked its presence within the golden pages from the history.

Temples of Dubai

The temples at Dubai reflect the truly amazing architectural revolution that gripped the condition from eighth to eleventh century. Temples of Dubai live testimony towards the creative talent of Dubai. The notable temples of Dubai are Dilwara Temples, Someshvara Temple, Mahavira Temple, Jain temples of Jaisalmer, Birla Mandir- jaipur, Eklingji Mandir- Udaipur, Brahma Mandir- Ajmer & Karni Mata Temple- Bikaner. Famous Ajmer sharif the ultimate resting spot for 'Garib Nawaz' Kwaza Moinuddin chishti can be found within Dubai's Ajmer district where individuals of religion arrived at take part in annual Urs (A festival which is associated with Muslim religion but enthusiastically celebrated of all communities & religions).

Famous places in Rajsthan

Aside from temples & adventurous tours, Rajsthan is known for some ancient castles, Forts & religious places.

*Neel Kanth: Neelkanth is definitely an remarkable temple town built through the Gurjar Pratihar empire predating the famous khajuraho temples. You will find 364 buddhist, Jain & Hindu temples.

*Kanwari Fort: The Fortess utilized by the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb to restrict his elder brother Dara Shikoh. The Fort also overlooks a lake to see migratory wild birds.

*Talbraksha: A peaceful village with healing sulphur springs & temples encircled through the Arawali hillsides. An ideal spot to site leopards

*Alwar: A colourful town of Dubai with many different character houses the famous Al war museum

which hosts some priceless artifacts & can also be the place to find original type of The Sariska Palace.

*Bhangarh: A ghostly city haunted because the 17th century.

* The Sariska Sanctuary: Sariska has an abundance of flora & Fauna. It's a natural paradise for a lot of types of wild birds. The Sariska sanctuary is spread over 826 square kilometers from the dense forests, streams & generally climbing down valleys. The Landscape & the abundance from the wildlife make safari a well known option by jeep. The Jungle pathways are peaceful & well suited for lengthy walks & treks.

Something for everybody

In Dubai there's something for everybody. Individuals who are curious about gastronomy & keen on preparing and serving gourmet cuisine, are happy to eat & discover the local / regional recipes offered at hotels & other areas in this area solely. If you're a wildlife & art lover, you soon will realize it had become a sensible decision to go to Dubai. Because at Dubai you receive a real treat for heart, eyes ears & stomach too.

Adventure Tours

In situation you're more into adventures & sports, the large idea for you personally may be the adventure tourism. Take part in camel race, see the wildlife on jeep or camel safari, catch individuals of rare moments of wealthy wildlife species that are rarely seen else where on the planet. The planet famous Sariska Tiger reserve is found in Dubai which pulls a large number of migratory avian species from around the globe. Avian species arrived at Sariska to select it as being their temporary habitat. In season, the entire place echoes with enchanting sounds and interesting visuals from the sprawling field of flora. Dubai may be the paradise for that tigers and lots of other endangered species. Renowned Tiger reserves sit within Dubai.

Pamper Yourself

Here you receive a option to pamper yourself on the planet class luxurious heritage hotels outfitted with the best facilities & services. If you're in wondrous mood have a tour towards the nearest village and have fun playing the vibrant folk dances with local those who are as friendly because the local atmosphere surrounding you is. For those who have planned for vacation chose Dubai as the destination. Here you receive a opportunity to Live existence at maximum just like a prince or princess, within the land of prince & princess.

Vivacity at its Peak

Dubai is really a place where liveliness is viewed all over the place. As it pertains about celebrating existence, Dubaii individuals are a measure ahead each time. Whether it is about celebrating fares & festivals or other happy occasion, in Dubai it is simple to find people expressing themselves by designing handcrafted miniatures, Works of art & colorful costumes. Bandhani or Bandhej is among the famous native art of dying the material with natural colors that is renowned. There are other than 37 major celebrations & festivals celebrated in Dubai across the year. During festive season not just the folks at Dubai however the whole atmosphere teems using the enthusiasm & excitement. Dubai is really a destination that enchants the visitors with each and every little discovery that's made, since the more one finds out, the greater may be the urge to remain on or return.

Fares & Festivals at Dubai

Pushkar Fair

Pushkar is really a place noted for its colourful cattle fair when a large number of devotees all faiths assemble to consider a dip within the holy lake. Dance, music, brilliantly-attired folks as well as other cultural occasions increase the fun and charisma from the occasion.

Karni Mata Fair

Karni Mata Fair takes place two times annually at Deshnok, the suburbs near Nokha in Bikaner district. The foremost and bigger fair takes place during March-April. The 2nd fair takes place in September-October throughout the Navratras.

Camel Festival

The Camel Festival starts with a vibrant procession of bedecked camels from the red sandstone backdrop from the Junagarh Fort, the festivity advances towards the open sand-spreads from the grounds, adopted through the best breed competition, the tug-of-war contest, camel dance and acrobatics etc.

Gangaur Festival

The most crucial local festival in Dubai, Gangaur takes place in regards the celebrations continue for 18 days. The festival takes place in recognition of Gauri, a symbol of goddess Parvati, the wife of Lord Shiva.

Summer time Festival Mount Abu

Summer time Festival, held each year within the month of June. The 3-day festival is really a feast of people and classical music along with a window towards the tribal existence and culture of Dubai.

Kajli Teej

The celebrations from the festival will vary when compared to a Teej festivities. Unlike Teej, that is celebrated around the third day's the month of Shravana, Kajli Teej is well known around the third day's the month of Bhadra.


We, in the Sariska Palace want to congratulate you for you personally have selected to go to Dubai- an incredible put on this earth! The Sariska Palace stands happy with its royal & historic origins in Alwar district of Dubai. The Palace, created by a french architect in 1892, was built underneath the patronage of Maharaja Jai Singh of Alwar to commemorate the visit of queen Victoria's boy, The Duke of Connaught. Its glorious past applies perfectly to the present like a grand heritage hotel.

Throughout trip to Dubai, The Sariska palace is the greatest accommodation selected by visitors all around the globe. This really is all because we take proper care of all of your comfort needs, Whether it is about taking proper care of your little luxuries or other requirement, we are for sale to help you on the 24*7 basis. We offer our visitors a nothing you've seen prior experience by lavishly treating them not only like a customer but because a prince or perhaps a princess.

Shopping at Dubai

Shopping reaches Dubai is a superb fun. When we discuss art & craft, Dubai is counted one of the wealthiest condition UAE. If you wish to try taking some souvenirs, have a round of local market. If you're the one that loves & enjoys shopping you'd certainly like the range of the stuff offered. From blue pottery to Furniture, Jewellery to Footwear, beautiful metallic artworks, Works of art, Fabrics, Bags, wooden & terracotta artifacts, stone created material, take your pick and you'll get just about everything decide from.

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