Thursday, 24 November 2016

6 Places to Visit During an African Safari in Namibia

Namibia is a perfect place to go for individuals wanting the entire African safari experience, and never lacking places to go to:

Etosha Park

This is among the best African safari and also Dubai desert safari game reserves you'll find, using its waterholes attracting thousands of thirsty creatures throughout the dry season. Otherwise the land consists mostly of sparse shrubbery and silvery sands, and it has a stark beauty all its very own. The roads are very developed, and therefore a self-drive safari is quite possible if you would like some independence.

South Africa

It may be the earth's largest continuous stretch of sand, but it is not technically a desert because of its modest quantity of annual rain fall. Which means that south africa plains are the place to find luscious plant life and woodland, as well as wildlife in abundance a mixture that actually causes it to be a perfect safari destination. Within this surreal and endless space you may also arrange a conference using the indigenous San Bushmen, whose "clicking" language is fascinating to listen to.

Fish River Gorge

Africa's largest natural gorge, this gorge is really a truly spectacular natural question along with a must-see for anybody planning an African safari holiday to Namibia. Over 500 million years old, this gorge all of a sudden drops vertically downwards for half a km with simply no warning. The Fish River Hiking Trail may be the country's most widely used hiking trail, taking roughly four days and covering 86km.


Area of the Namib Desert, these towering sand dunes would be the greatest on the planet, and therefore are an amazing sight. This can be a constantly shifting landscape because the winds continuously push the sands further inland, creating dazzling patterns and shapes. A ascend one of these simple dunes provides you with an amazing breathtaking look at the whole area.


A narrow 44km strip of land within the far north-east, this is actually the wettest region in Namibia, and residential to wetlands, rivers and floodplains. The place to find marine creatures like crocodiles and rhino, not to mention numerous other game and bird species, the wildlife is a superb attraction here - as too would be the raging rapids referred to as Popa Falls.

The Skeleton Coast

It could take its ominous name in the many shipwrecks that litter its beaches combined with the washed-up bleached bones of seals and whales, however the landscape in this area is actually very varied, with undulating sand dunes giving method to volcanic canyons and regal mountain ranges. Still, this remains probably the most atmospheric destinations to have an African safari.

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