Wednesday, 30 December 2015

the Best Wheel Chair on Earth

KD Smart Chair - the Best Wheel Chair on Earth

This is truly, really the best wheelchair on Earth! It is completely motorized and has electromagnetic brake system. It’s compact as they get and is very light-weight. It has a simple flat-fold design and is airport transportable. It has an amazing 30-degre turning radius and has an easy access to most places.

Wheelchairs have been around for over a century in all shapes and forms. Some of them are electrically powered, some are hybrids. There are wheelchairs for kids and wheelchairs for air travel. But never, has there been a wheelchair that would combine so many functionalities in one. It’s a real piece of art. Once you try KD Smart – you’ll never go back!

This wonder wheelchair is sold at The Best Wheelchair website, powered by Dependable Website Management and a member of Killer Media Network. Patrick Zarrelli, an extremely successful entrepreneur, is behind both these projects.

Patrick Zarrelli is a former publisher of the South Florida Chronicle and former Vice President of Beachfront News. These news websites were the first projects by him; and they turned out to be highly successful. They were the starting point for the popular and successful Print Killer Media Network.

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Patrick Zarrelli the founder and CEO of the Print Killer Media Network as well as the President of Dependable Website Management.

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